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Centar za zaštitu ptica grabljivica

Birds of Prey Conservation Centre



Our new friends White-tailed Eagles

NGO AWAP that, same as we, lead the authorized Recovery center for endangered species of animals, donated to our Center male and female White-tailed Eagles and two Buzzards. From now on they will make a company to our Torgos and to Griffons Brancin and Mali Ivica. Eagles were named Šteki and Štekica.

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Griffon vulture with broken wing perfectly recovered

After we announced in January that we took on Cres the Griffon vulture who broke his wing, we joyfully announce that this Griffon successfully recovered. Amputation surgery was performed by Falconry center in Sibenik. Griffon now happily accompanies our other birds residing in a cage of our Rescue centre. Upon request of the contractor of […]

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Griffon with broken wing

Through the emergency service 112, we received information that on the island of Cres, near the village Ustrine, a Griffon vulture with one broken wing was seen. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true, and thanks to the help Vedran Mikičić who first noticed, then caught and fed the Griffon, we will transport it into […]

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Our Griffon “Silba” is in Greece!

Our coleagues from Greece sent us a photo of our Griffon Silba (green plastic ring CTM) which was ringed in the nest on the Island of Plavnik (Kvarner Archipelago) during the May 2013. Picture was taken on a vulture restaurant close to the border of Greece with Bulgaria and Turkey, and she was with other […]

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