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Centar za zaštitu ptica grabljivica

Birds of Prey Conservation Centre



The ninth Griffon rescued!

Today is the ninth sup rescued. As today is birthday of our volunteer Ines Friščić Prpić, we decided to name a juvenile Griffon – Ines. But the rescue again was not without “disputes”. The inhabitants of Beli on Cres found the Griffon on the beach near the village and again insisted that Griffon remains for […]

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We rescued the eight Griffon!

The eighth Griffon vulture rescued this year, was saved thanks again to the efforts and enthusiasm of Slovenian tourists. The rescue again was participated by Mr.Robert Ukmar from Sezana (pictured right), but this time helped by his friend from Ajdovščina, Mr. Darko Lokar, who has held the Griffon until Robert gave him the water. Griffon […]

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We rescued the seventh Griffon!

The captain of the tourist boat from Krk, g. Miljenko noticed the wet Griffon, just above the sea on the island of Plavnik. Fortunately there are cell phones, so we were able to coordinate rescue and Marin picked up the Griffon in the town of Krk. Juvenile Griffon was completely dehydrated, and received the infusion.

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We rescued the sixth Griffon!

Today, we have rescued, under the island of Plavnik, the juvenile Griffon vulture named Emeric I. (CTY). He felt from the nest into the sea due to the tourist harassment, pulled up and stood helpless, almost with his feet in the sea. How long will we wait for the relevant institutions to take preventive protective […]

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