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Centar za zaštitu ptica grabljivica

Birds of Prey Conservation Centre



The third Griffon rescued!

On July 25th, while we were touring Island of Plavnik “as a precaution”, we missed each other with a few boats full of tourists, and one of them was (of course!) approached too close to the nests. A minute or two after that from one of those boats we received a call that the Griffon […]

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Second Griffon rescued this Summer …

On July 17th, Griffon named Ivy was rescued from the sea near the island of Plavnik, just below her nest. She has a green darvic ring CVI. Unfortunately nests on Plavnik are very low above the sea level, number of turistic ships every year is bigger, and the relevant institutions do not take anything or almost nothing at […]

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Rescued the first Griffon vulture this Summer!

On 14th July one juvenile Griffon is rescued from the sea – during the touristic boat tour (too close?) along the nests in the colony. We have received the phone call from Darija Martinčić from Beli. As soon as we transported him to our Centre in Crnika, Griffon got infusion, metal and darvic ring (CVD). We […]

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Six Griffon vultures released back into the nature

On May, 23rd we let Spaky, Roko, Matevž, Alan, Vilim and Zlatko Podravec, juvenile Griffon vultures we had rescued during 2014 and which were successfully recovered in our Rescue centre.

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