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Centar za zaštitu ptica grabljivica

Birds of Prey Conservation Centre



The rescue of Spaky

On 18 September Griffon named Spaky (ring CRA) felt in the yard of Mr. Pavo Ivezić in Otok (in Baranja, Eastern Croatia). Thanks to the care of Mr. Ivezić, coordination of Mr.Tibor Mikuška and the trasport from Otok to Zagreb, which for him ensured MSc Pavao Dragicevic (Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural […]

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Rescued Griffon named – Roko

Only one day after we saved Alan, we successfully rescued Roko! Specifically, Mr.Roko Vukman, captain of the ship „Žara“ (owner Mr. Zlatko Žugić) spotted a Griffon vulture on Plavnik, just above the sea. As he was alone on board, he called his friend Mr. Boris Morozin, who arrived shortly with the speedboat from the town […]

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Successful rescue of Alan

On August 28, 2014 we successfully coordinated the rescue of quite feeble Griffon vulture. Upon notification of tourists that on the stonewall near the road at Osor on the island of Cres stands a Griffon vulture who can not fly, we have given instructions to Slovenian tourists from Ljubljana – Luka PRELOZNIK and his family, […]

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One more juvenile Griffon rescued!

On 6 August 2014. father and son Aleksander and Mateuž Vautorič from Slovenia, rescued Griffon vulture who fell into the sea from the nests near Beli on the island of Cres. Daria Martinčić had brought it to the Merag where it dr.Goran Susic took him to our recovery center in Crnika. Joung Griffon weighed only […]

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